Emp Attack Movie Analysis

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The idea of an EMP attack or disaster is a strong concept for a film. Disaster films were once very popular, lost their appeal, but may be on the resurgence.
The idea of an EMP attack is definitely relatable and relevant to today’s society. One can envision a movie that dramatizes the consequences and outcome of such an event.
The outline has several strong elements that work. One is that the protagonist, Hayes, is an electrical engineer described as an alarmist. He fears this scenario and tries to warn the others. This works. One likes the idea of him being well prepared for such a disaster, such as his summer home etc. or a secret bunker.
The idea of him being a widow that isn’t able to move on with life definitely can work, but there should be a
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Given that his father is sick, it might be best to give his daughter a different backstory vs. being diabetic or sick. Her backstory about just breaking up with a boyfriend might work if this is developed and maybe her ex-boyfriend teams up with them.
The idea of Hayes’ son being in Homeland Security/military and being in conflict with his commander also has strong merit. This can create some good conflict. It’s questionable if they would order the killing of innocent civilians (has to be realistic).
The concept of “Rebirth” and Salvation is a bit more concerning, as is the battle of the army against the new world. This makes the story feel more like an action, sci-fi film vs. a disaster film.
The audience goes to a disaster film to see the disaster and to see who will live and who will die. Keep the story within the realm of a disaster film vs. an action film etc.
However, the idea of Hayes trying to get to a specific location could have merit.
Clarify how worldwide this disaster is. Does it just affect the US or not? The military fears an attack by enemies, so this needs to be

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