Emotions, Angry, Joy, And Fear Essay

823 Words May 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Emotions are always difficult to describe by words. Happiness, angry, joy, and fear are some examples of feelings that are challenged to express. Nevertheless, every people born with it, and indeed sentiments are essentials to form people’s personalities. They are the first steps in life which help us to create our characters. In addition, culture and family are other factors that interfere in the development of our personalities. Today, I am explaining my container which represents my emotions and personality.
When people meet me, they perceive me as a calm and a sweet person. In fact, they are right that is the reason why I decorate my container representing the ocean. The sea has the ability to relax me, and I believe it influences in people moods by reducing the stress which leads to a peaceful stage of mind. Moreover, I used color blue, as the predominant one, which is a cool color that symbolizes my serenity and calmness. In addition the waves seen in my container makes horizontal lines that indicate tranquility and passiveness. Also, the fishes are place to create the illusion of horizontal lines too in order to emphasis that calm.
Furthermore, at the time of choose my container, I select a circular container because it indicates cyclic periods which I consider reflects the life itself, like a never ending phase. Additionally, my container’s lid is ornament it with candies, suggesting the sweetness in me, and the diversity of colors used are intended to catch the…

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