Emotional Behavior Disorder : A Student With Emotional Behavioral Disorder

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Emotional Behavior Disorder The learning environment has been characterized by the presence of students with emotional problems and behavior disorders. This trend contributes to considerable challenges in the educational system and for teachers. Consequently, there are various strategies and programs that have been developed and implemented in the education system to help students with disabilities. Some of these measures include the development of educational programs for students with emotional problems and behavior disorders. One of the most commonly used ways in these educational programs is the establishment of an IEP goal, which guides the delivery of instructions and ways of evaluating student’s progress.
Case Study for a Student with Emotional Behavioral Disorder Franklin was seemingly reserved and quite shy when he entered the second-grade classroom. He would not initiate any interactions with teachers and his fellow students and was usually passive only responding to things when directly prompted. As the year progressed, Franklin was seemingly less engaged rather than being more comfortable in the class as compared to other students. After asking around, the teacher found out that Franklin was living in the shadow of his older sister who was admitted in a special education school for students with serious disabilities. Despite several efforts to reach out to him and encourage him, Franklin became more timid and did not interact with his colleagues.…

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