Emotional And Emotional Effects Of Alcohol

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Claros and Manoj state that, “Study revealed significant associations between emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive, the ability to manage emotions in self and in others” (Claros, Manoj 9). People and students who use alcohol have experienced issues with stress, abuse, and anxiety. Physical changes can affect the brain in adolescents during maturity due to alcohol consumption. Physical, emotional, and social issues can influence the abuse of alcohol in young adults or just plain adults. The use of alcohol can cause emotional, social, and physical effects.
Research has shown that alcohol can cause emotional effects to adolescents and adults. Alcohol use can drastically effect decision making and have emotional effects. In the article
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In social situations alcohol consumption can be a particular motive for social harm. Room states, “The major social harms with which alcohol has been identified form of a fairly short list: problems of public order or demeanor and of alcohol related violence; problems in the performance of family and parental roles; and problems in work roles and of lost productivity” (Room 2). Room’s point is that alcohol changes people’s way of doing everyday things. Demeanors and parenting styles change and work ethics change because there is no motivation when it comes to alcohol consumption, alcohol is more important than going to work or parenting your kids. However, not only does alcohol com with social effects but, people with social disorders start clinging onto alcohol to cope or maintain their social or anxiety disorders. Book and Randall demonstrate that “Clinical reports that people use alcohol as a means of coping with social fears as well as with stress” (3). Researchers state that people use or abuse alcohol as a means of coping with social fears. People use alcohol to reduce social fears when in social activities or events. Book and Randall states, “Tension reduction hypothesis implies that alcohol acts as a negative reinforce to reduce stress and anxiety” (3). The writers are insisting that alcohol acts as a support system to minimize stress and anxiety. People who tend to stress …show more content…
Alcohol can pose a huge threat to non-alcoholics who are married to or living with someone who abuses alcohol. This issue is important to society because people need to know what young adults go through and why they use alcohol to help with their disorders. If young adults had support and treatment they would not turn to alcohol to solve their problems. Peer pressure can lead people to use alcohol and shortly after start to acquire and alcohol use disorder. As opposed to many other drugs, alcohol can cause serious effects to adults and

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