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Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC): A Survey
Abstract: Mobile devices have come a long way and their capabilities in terms of speed, raw computing capabilities, storage capacity and the applications that are real world end user friendly. The sale of mobile devices has seen a huge boom and is now surpassing those of PCs [1]. With this enormous use of smart phones across the world and as well as the introduction of cloud computing concept, Mobile Cloud computing or MCC has become the new paradigm in the world of mobile services. This paper will discuss the technology of MCC, applications and challenges faced.
Mobile Cloud Computing: Introduction
MCC in its simplest form can be defined as an infrastructure where the storage of data and its
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Battery Life: By moving the computation of resource intensive apps to the cloud, MCC helps in augmenting battery life in mobile devices.
Improved Reliability: When data is stored on the cloud, it improves reliability as backups can be performed consistently [4][5].
Security: When the data is moved to cloud, it helps in centralized management of data and thus helping improve security.
Online Shopping: Mobile cloud computing can also act as a shopping medium for the mobile subscribers as MCC operators can become virtual network service providers, electronic payment services, sell software and even provide data storage options or facilities.
Mobile –Health Care: The limitations of traditional or old school health care systems can be curtailed to a large extent with the help of mobile based health care system. This would help to curb limitations like storage deficiencies, security and privacy issues and as well as medical errors [7]. It will help mobile subscribers to access their health records easily and without any delays unlike in conventional health care systems. The best part is that mobile based health care based on the cloud computing model will help the hospitals to use on-demand applications or services on the cloud without the need for spending on expensive in-house applications or services.
Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming industry is a fast growing sector where there is potential for huge revenues for the cloud-based providers. The best part is the fact

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