Elizabeth Mathews / History 105 / Take Home Paper

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Elizabeth Mathews/ History 105/ take-home paper/ November 16, 2015 When I was a little girl, I was raised to never fight with my older sisters. Being taught that fighting was not the answer for any situation, I have become a very passive person that has a hard time proving my point. This ideology has prevented me from getting expelled from school for fighting with someone, but it hasn’t really taught me to stand up for what I believe. In American History, it appears that the only way the Colonies could get Great Britain’s attention was if the colonist stood up and fought for what they believed which was, freedom from Great Britain. Even after the Colonists received what they wanted from Britain, there were still people who wanted change and brought on conflicts, violence, and even wars to make their points. This has helped America to become the nation where the people say, “Jump” and the government answers “How high?” The very beginning stages of the Revolutionary War, there was an issue with a King that was not well liked by anyone. Due to his lower popularity rankings with the general public, his daughter Mary convinced her father to step down from the thrown. When a King stepped down from the thrown in 1688, it normally consisted of the King being beheaded, but this was not the case with King James II. King James II stepped down from the thrown without being beheaded and with out any violence. This was called the Glorious Revolution. This kind act did not go unnoticed…

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