Eliot Ness Essay

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Who was Eliot Ness? Nearly anyone knows Ness’ accomplishments in Cleveland when he went up against Al Capone. Most also know Capone eventually went to jail for tax evasion, but what happened to Ness and his Untouchables? Did they merely fade away into quiet life? The fate of Ness was quite the opposite, he continued doing what he fell in love with. Taking down corruption on any level. He carried on his war on the mob for an entire decade after Capone, staging daring raids on bootleggers, illegal gambling clubs and generally putting organized crime on the run. Ness’ exploits in Chicago were chronicled in his book The Untouchables, but if he had carried on against the mob, why wouldn’t he publicize such exploits? He …show more content…
Ness was given records of the entire US prohibition bureau, from which to assemble his small team. Above all he demanded honesty and integrity, hoping to keep his crusade secure from inside ‘leaks.’ “I ticked off the general qualities I desired: single, no older than thirty, both the mental and physical stamina to work long hours and the courage and ability to use fist or gun and special investigative techniques. I needed a good telephone man, one who could tap a wire with speed and precision. I needed men who were excellent drivers, for much of our success would depend upon how expertly they could trail the mob’s cars and trucks… and fresh faces –from other divisions—who were not known to the Chicago mobsters.” After reviewing the bureau’s records for some time he came up with a list of fifty men, he quickly brought this down to fifteen. After that he whittled it more still, until only nine names remained on his list. 1. Marty Lahart: an Irish sports and fitness enthusiast 2. Sam Seager: a tough but unobtrusive looking man who was a death row guard 3. Barney Cloonan: a giant muscular Irishman 4. Lyle Chapman: brilliant problem solver, ex Colgate University football player 5. Tom Friel: a former state trooper from Pennsylvania 6. Joe Leeson: arguably the greatest urban driver ever to

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