Elevator Experiment Essay

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Ding! The elevator has finally arrived as the steel doors slowly start to open.

Once ajar, people walk inside and push the circular button adjacent to their corresponding floor. Then, they cram in trying not to crowd the other passengers as much as possible. They stand there waiting until they arrive at their floor and then walk through the potential maze of people as they scurry off through the doorway to their destination. This has become society 's normal behavior in elevators. However, what if someone acted differently than expected? Would you say something, ignore them, or modify your behavior?

I decided to test this breaking two of society 's norms at once. For children it is not uncommon to sit on the floor, but once you are older in most situations it becomes odd to do so. As I am middle age, I fall into the group expected to follow society 's constructed norms, of sitting in a chair - except for in certain circumstances - and following
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Both my companion and I felt weird sitting on the elevator floor. Most people responded with informal or negative sanctions, like surprised, confused or averted glances - and one look hinting that my behavior was either rude or disturbing. The best response was when a guy actually laughed, probably due to surprise towards the odd behavior. Unfortunately I did not accomplish my goal of getting someone to sit on the elevator floor with us. This could have been attributed to the fact that I could only get my friend’s help on a late Tuesday. Had I been able to perform this experiment around noon and on the weekend, I might have had different results. Location could have had an impact as hospitals are considered an extra germy environment. Also, had I tested authority instead of quantity, it could have been easier to get people to conform given the location. Another thing that could have helped would be if there were more floors giving a longer wait and possible desire to

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