Elements Of The Services Marketing Mix Essay

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1. Which of the seven elements of the Services Marketing Mix are addressed in this case? Give examples of each ‘P’ you identify.

The following are some of the seven elements of the Services marketing Mix which are addressed in this case study;
Product- A product refers to anything that is offered to the market in order to satisfy a need or want (Kotler et.al, 2012). Products are divided into two broad categories depending on clients’ needs and wants, that is, consumer products and industrial products. Consumer products relate to those goods and services purchased by customers for consumption. Industrial products, on the other hand, are those commodities purchased for further processing. Marketers should make crucial product decisions, which include: product attributes, product line and product mix (McClymont & Jocumsen, 2003). Product attributes include such aspects as product design, quality and features. Product quality refers to the ability of a good or service to meet the clients’ expectations. Product features are the external aspects of a product that differentiate it from other related products. Organizations should carry out consumer research, in order to understand the designs that meet clients’ expectations. Product style and design usually describe the customer’s perception based on a product’s appearance. An excellent design enhances a product’s value (Kotler et.al. 2012). Product line refers to the process of combining closely related products, and…

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