Successful Criminal Investigation

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No matter what part of the country we live in, crime is a problem. This issue places a huge responsibility on our government and law enforcement agencies. We rely on the authorities and trust that all criminal investigations will be processed and completed successfully. No matter how great investigative work becomes, crime will never cease to exist. However, investigators play a key role in maintaining order and justice. These well trained men and women, are prepared and equipped with the proper tools and knowledge needed to capture individuals who do not abide by the laws of society. In the following we will go over the elements of a successful investigation and discuss in detail the importance of those components during an investigation. …show more content…
What is criminal investigation? A criminal investigation is the process of discovering, collecting, preparing, identifying, and presenting evidence to determine what happened and who is responsible. What is an investigator? An investigator is someone who gathers, documents and evaluates evidence and information. The ultimate goal of criminal investigation is to uncover the truth. (Swanson, Chamelin, Territo, & Taylor, 2012) As an investigator, there seems to be a million things one must learn. These lessons not only come from a classroom, they are also developed while working in the field. These well-defined elements and procedures will apply in one form or another to every case an investigator handles. It is important that these procedures are followed properly to ensure the integrity of the investigation is not …show more content…
This initial evaluation is vital in determining the course the investigation will take. The first responder is usually a uniformed officer. Whether a crime was reported or detected, the officer’s duty is to collect and confirm data needed for the preliminary report. Upon arrival to any scene, the officer must first confirm whether a crime has been committed. This is especially important in cases where a report has been made over the phone to a dispatch officer. The reason for this is information may not be communicated correctly over the phone due to excitement, confusion, incomplete information or incorrect facts. He or she must take down what are called field notes. These investigative notes will become permanent written records of details about the scene that may be used at a later time. Evaluating the scene along with statements of complainants and witnesses will assist an officer in establishing if a prosecutable criminal offense has taken place. He or she must then determine what type of crime has been committed. At the time of the initial evaluation the officer must learn if any immediate arrests should be made or if he or she must give chase to a criminal. Also, this would be the moment to advise headquarters of any information pertaining to any suspects. Along with the initial response, receiving information and officer safety procedures, the

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