Essay on Elementary School I Got True For Me

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Seventeen years ago in 1998 I was born in El Paso, Texas to wonderful parents, Rafael and Rosa Isela Nevarez. For the following ten years, until 2008 we lived in a small house in San Elizario, Texas which was not ours. Two years and eight months after I was born my sister Abby was born, which was a wish come true for me because I had no one my age to play with. When I turned five my younger sister, Ivonne was born by this time I was already in Kinder at Lorenzo Loya Primary School. In second grade at Alfonzo Borrego Sr. Elementary School I had a challenging time especially because the teachers had told me that I was a slow learner and that they would have to lower me a grade level. According to the teachers they had to administer a test to conclude where they had to place me, but as most mothers, my mom defended me and told the teachers that because I was a slow learner it did not mean that I was retarded and she did not let them administer the test. Thankfully, I was able to go through the year with lot of effort and passed to third grade. In third grade, I had a teacher that inspired me and taught me well, Mr. Hernandez. This teacher taught me to be patient and on taking tasks on small amounts. That year was one of my best school years especially because it was when I realized that I loved math and that I liked teaching. What I felt most proud of was that my second grade teachers were not right about me, I did not fail third grade. I continued in that school until fourth…

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