Electronic Distribution Case Study

The average costs for other entertainment services such as Comcast, Chromecast and Direct TV range from prices such as $49.99, $52.50, and $54.99, which is only the standard average costs. The standard average costs do not include the monthly equipment fee for having their service, the extra prices to watch premium channels or have upgraded packages with a decent amount of channels that shows all types of content. Roku does not have the monthly equipment fee nor does it have expensive packages that consumers are forced to buy or expensive rental fees for entertainment, this is the reason why Roku India is the best and most affordable alternative.
In order to support these low costs that the company will offer, the company needs to breakeven.
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E-Commerce is easy and convenient for customers, which is why electronic distribution would be a perfect alternative for consumers who do not want to visit stores and opt for options such as comfortable browsing of products in home and requesting home delivery. Roku’s products are indeed available online and can be bought from multiple sources, such as Amazon or Best Buy’s online store.
The promotional goals of the Roku company is to promote their products and shed light on the fact that the company aspires to power every TV in the world and offer the streaming service for consumers that will provide the best experience each and every time the product is used. The promotional mix for the company will include public relations, advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling.
Advertising will ensure that the product and overall brand is seen by different consumers. The advertising department can promote the Roku Company without bashing another company. The goal is to gain the trust of their potential consumers, bashing leads to mistrust. The company’s value speaks by itself. More free channels that are otherwise paid for, personalized programming, ability to change programming, educational and informative channels paid and
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Spreading the word of motivational entertaining and informative programming with 99% uptime and minimum issues with the ability to choose your own programs for a minimum price that leaves you with the feeling of “I’ve got to have it and it benefits you too” promotion. The referral process is not time consuming and is very easy for any consumer to participate it. All the consumer has to do is give the last 4 digits of their unique referral code and that’s it, the job is already done.
Another way Roku has been promoted and will continue to be promoted is through the use of viral marketing. The marketing buzz as well as word of mouth about Roku products is positive and is already spreading. One of the biggest channels for buzz about the product is through the use of social networks.
Billboards, electrical and traditional along roadways, highways and in businesses will cause an impulse reaction. Creative marketing with the use of real families, women in business, work, homemakers, men of all fields of business and blue collar work, children in school or children at home doing homework all catches the eye and will be utilized to compel buyers. By using this technique, all types of consumers will feel like Roku is a good option for

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