Electronic Commerce : Online Shopping Options Essay

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Electronic commerce, also known as ecommerce is a type of industry where buying and selling of a product is conducted over electronic systems such as the internet.
This project implementation is based on client side languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server side languages PHP with database MYSQL. It has been developed with user friendly interface such as, customer registration, view, order, buying product etc. The software is also able to manipulate and process data. This software has been developed for recording the data efficiently and store easily in the database.

A consumer finds a product more interesting and attractive when they find it on the website of a retailer directly and are able to see item’s details online. The customers of today are not only attracted because online shopping is very convenient, but also because they have broader selections, highly competitive prices, better information about the product (including people’s reviews) and extremely simplified navigation for searching regarding the product. Moreover, business owners often offer online shopping options at low rates because the overhead expenses in opening and running a physical store are higher. Further, with online shopping, their products have access to a worldwide market, which increases the number of customers from different ethnic groups, adds customer value, and overall sustainable in the marketing. Online web stores, such as Amazon and eBay, have gained huge popularity over the years…

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