Ebay: Business And SWOT Analysis: Ebay

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EBay is the largest and most popular marketplace in the cyber world, allowing members to buy and sell almost anything. Since the company was founded in 1995, eBay has long led through innovation and reinvestments of the concept of the auctions, applying technology to help and make easier the global trade.
Nowadays, eBay is more than an auction site. The company has evolved into a global business and payments platform, enabling $205 billion in commerce volume in 2013. The company has three separate sectors: eBay, one of the world’s largest marketplaces online; PayPal, which enables omnichannel commerce, multichannel retailing and digital marketing in the whole world. EBay now is on a mission to help the siege retail industry to meet consumer’s rising
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What does a SWOT Analysis reveal about eBay’s situation? Just how attractive is the company’s situation and position?

 World’s largest internet marketplace- EBay has more than 150 million live listings and more than 105 million active users in 37 countries. That makes eBay the largest marketplace online, having a great power over other online retails.
 Business model- EBay only acts as a middle-man between sellers and buyers, who bid and sell items in eBay’s marketplace. Being a pioneer in online auctions, eBay had no competition and at the time has only few strong competitors, like Amazon.
 Economies of scale- In the beginning, eBay had to invest heavily in order to gain the knowledge and the skills of the IT department and the customer service management, but since then the company has created the largest marketplace with 100 million users with a small additional cost.
 Localization- The business operates in 37 countries. each marketplace is using local language and is adapted to local product offers.
 Payment system- EBay uses PayPal, its own payment system to precede nearly all of the payments and have better control over the transactions. Also provides comfort to the buyers as a payment

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