Electrical Cars vs. Gas Powered Cars Essay

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Should Everyone Switch Completely to Electric Cars?
Everyday gas powered cars destroy the environment and the people that drive these gas guzzlers pay a ton of money to use them. Many people think that gas powered cars are better than electric cars, but they do not know the real truth. After you read this paper you will understand why electric cars are better for yourself and the environment; you might even have to buy one! There are many credible sources that prove the benefits of having an electric car and describe the differences between electric cars and gas powered cars, which is beneficial information to people who drive gas- powered cars. Based on the sources, electric cars have more benefits than gas-powered cars. Everybody
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Gas powered cars harm the environment because they release toxic emissions, and these emissions are burning a hole through the ozone layer. This damage to the ozone layer will cause climate changes, and it will cause the earth to heat up by a notable amount. Then the glacial ice will start to melt and regions along the coasts of countries will be harmed with flooding. In the article “Accelerating the

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