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TV shows effect people's life. In Turkey, TV shows plays a vital role in our society. To increase the popularity of TV channels, producers are releasing a various of new programmes every time. One of them is marriage or wedding programmes which allow people to recognize someone to marry. In theory, the purpose of the wedding tv shows is to find someone to marry, but lots of women and man participate those programmes to display them and be famous. Therefore, wedding
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It is the contention of these supports that those tv shows enable talented people who participate in them to show their amazing abilities. By showing their singing and dancing performance, viewers are influenced by them and it is made positive decisions. However, this approach is rather wrong because those performance is not real performance of people. Firstly, those performance is made for addicting people to those tv shows. To increase the their popularity, producers can make a lots of such nonsensical plans. Secondly, In Turkey, lots of other tv shows are existing to show people's abilities except wedding. Yetenek sizsiniz, o ses türkiye , survivor enable talented and resourceful people to show themselves. The conclusion one needs to draw from these is that wedding tv shows have a corrupting influence on …show more content…
Today, people's appearance have changed by those shows. In those shows, people mostly wear revealing dress to show own body whether or not it is good for them. Therefore, people who watch those wearing people is affected badly and being same as them. In fact, same people have given lots of money the plastic surgery to seem as 18 years status. After lots of plastic operations, most people will be unsatisfied the their body's appearance. In addition , those programmes also affect young people's decisions badly. Young people want to be a teen mom and father after watched those programmes. Because there are lots of young people in the those shows. As Lucretia Munro (2007) remarks '' The show was criticized for putting babies and young children at risk''. Apart from those, Because of the wedding tv shows, people expect being a rich and famous by participating those shows in Turkey. Demirel (2011) argue that in the wedding programmes women want to be a husband who has a house and good life. In other words, people want to be a rich and famous by marrying a mate who has a lots of money. The conclusion one needs to draw from these is that, people's behavior have been changed badly since the wedding tv shows existed in

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