Effects Of Violence In Grand Theft Auto

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How the Violence in Grand Theft Auto Has an Effect on Children
Grand Theft Auto’s violence is dangerous for children. The gun violence is a significant factor in how Grand Theft Auto has an effect on children. Youths always shoot every civilian that is walking down the street in Grand Theft Auto. This affects children because some of them think that they can imitate stuff that goes on in virtual reality. Some children do not know that virtual reality is not real and they will start wanting to get hold of firearms. However, parents can keep their guns away from children so they will not have that opportunity to play with them. The gun violence in Grand Theft Auto can also affect children by striking fear into them. The violence in Grand Theft Auto can cause a negative and positive effect on children when it comes to violence, and also undermine authority.
Grand Theft Auto is a first person point of view game
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Age ratings help businesses decide which games can young minors buy without a parent. If an employee were to sell a video that was over the age requirement for a young minor then they would be suspended or fired. This also helps the parents because they know what types of video games their children are playing with at all times. However, some children do not look their age and can pass over for age requirements.
When children do that they automatically undermine authority. That is one of the effects the violence of Grand Theft Auto has on children. Grand Theft Auto teaches children to undermine authority by having the main characters run away from the police. The main characters can also shoot other policemen in the game to. This also teaches children to undermine authority but in the worst way possible. However, Grand Theft Auto has corrupt policeman. Grand Theft Auto teaches children to be afraid of the police because of that very

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