Effects of using IPads or Tablets on Children’s Reading Comprehension

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Effects of using IPads or Tablets on Children’s Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background of the study Reading is often difficult for high school students with special needs. Participation, motivation, and interest in independent reading are low. Reading is an important part of everyday life and is imperative to students’ success in school. Many high school students that struggle in reading do not enjoy it and even have negative associations with reading. Cultivating an interest in reading among grade school students is valuable. Providing students with a variety of options is one way to encourage independent reading. The ability to use technology as a means of
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Students with reading disorders have difficulties in word recognition, working memory, making inferences, applying and evaluating strategies to use while reading, and comprehending text (Jitendra & Gajria, 2011). Students will be able to enhance their comprehension and reading ability through exposing themselves to a wide range vocabulary words and by reading regularly. Students that are experiencing frustration in reading cannot be expected by the teacher to enjoy and practice reading as much as a student who enjoys reading. Students that have significant reading difficulties in the lower grades continue to struggle as they proceed through the upper grades. Reading disorders affect a student’s ability to read and to learn in the different subjects. For example, good readers tend to be more successful in subject areas such as science and math. It is imperative for students to learn the reading skills they need to be successful in school and in life (Melekoglu, 2011). There are two occurring types of reading disorders. The causes, as well as the treatments of these reading disorders, are diverse. Dyslexia is when a student has difficulty decoding words and understanding the relationship between spelling patterns and the pronunciation of words (Snowling & Hulme, 2012). Students with dyslexia read slowly and with error. Also, dyslexia can affect a student’s spelling and writing

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