Shortage In Healthcare

Many people are aware that the costs of healthcare are rising due to multiple reasons. Healthcare costs in the United States have been rising almost every year. Along with rising cost patients and their families are seeing a decline in the quality of care provided by nurses. With rising cost not being the only problem, a lot of healthcare facilities are seeing a nursing shortage. Over the past few years nursing shortages have become more common, due to an increase of population in aging adults. Due to the increase of healthcare it could possibly affect the United States economy in a negative way. Healthcare affects almost every one, it affects a lot of people in a negative way. Today healthcare facilities are attempting to come up with solutions …show more content…
With a nursing shortage and healthcare costs rising, it has many effects on patients and their family. While costs are rising, some nurses are providing less quality care. Then this causes conflict between nurses and the patient’s family. The costs of staff, technology, and medicine are increasing. The costs of staff, advanced technology, and medicine are causing the cost of healthcare to rise. With a nursing shortage it is hard for medical facilities to have a large enough staff, to care for each patient, so the nursing to patient ratio is understaffed. Homecare health is seeing an increase of nurses, while nursing care in medical facilities are seeing a decrease in staff. The reason healthcare prices are rising is partly due to the fact that hospitals will hire temporary nurses. “Although it is widely perceived that supplemental nurses cost hospitals more than permanent nurses, empirical evidence on the relative costs associated with using supplemental nurse is largely lacking” (Ying). With such a large nursing shortage hospitals have no choice but to hire supplemental nurses. “Use of supplemental nurses has been perceived as unsafe and a potential threat to patient safety” (Ying). With hospitals hiring supplemental nurses it has caused a lot of controversy. However, hospitals are concerned about the cost of hiring theses nurses, and the type of quality care the patients are receiving. Also the patient has to pay a lot more money due to health insurance. “In addition to adversely affecting quality and costs, nursing shortages can result in reduced access to health care simply because there are not enough caregivers to provide for those in need” (Snavely). In a couple years from now people that need healthcare might not be able to receive healthcare. The cause of people not receiving care is due to the low rates of staff at medial facilities. “Demand for hospital nursing care increases

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