Advancement In Technology

Advancement in Technology in the Work Forces

With technology evolving everyday, many things in our future might change, including jobs. Some jobs could be taken away by technology like computers or robots. Americans will have some mixed feelings about the job situation coming up in the future. It could be a good thought or a bad thought, but it will most likely be a bad thought. Jobs in the future could be done by computers or robots if it’s not a physical job, meaning that a person has to be present for it to be done.People with physical jobs will more than likely be safe from getting their jobs taken away by technology. But people with non-physical jobs could be taken away or moved to a different country. And while some jobs could be taken
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Being a therapist or psychologist, you have to be with a person and talk to them. A computer is unable to do that. I am sure that our future technology could diagnose them with a mental illness, but they won’t be able to help them through their problems and give them advice (Top 10 Careers For The Future). While technology is improving everyday, it could possibly help with my patients. It could help with diagnosing the patients. For example, it could give more information about a mental illness or new information about a new or rare mental illness that some people might not be aware of. There are new apps for phones that can tell you how you are feeling, I do not think that the app would be 100% correct because it is not talking to you or inside your body ("Is the Future of Counseling and Therapy Online?"). I am excited to see other ways that technology could benefit a therapist or a psychologist. I believe that my future field will not be offshored. There are therapists and psychologists in other countries, and we do need therapists and psychologists here in the United States. In America, almost 56 million people suffer from a mental disorder or something that a therapist could help with. And from that group, only one third of them go and get professional help. About 52% of Americans believe that find or going to therapy is hard, so if we would have computers be the therapist, I believe more people would stop going to see

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