Effects Of Socialization Of Gender

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Socialization of Gender
The term socialization is the process of learning socially accepted behavior from the society. Socialization is the learning process through which every individual acquire skills and knowledge to live an acceptable life in the society. Those people who failed to cope of with norms and values of society are always alienated from the society. Gender affects the term socialization. Socialization of gender begins from the very early start of childhood. Children are taught to act in certain ways which depend upon their gender. Society and gender are dependent to each other. Society norms and ideologies change according to gender. A girl is taught different ways to adapt in a society than compared to a boy or we can say society has more norms and rules for girls and same rules and norms can be changed for boys but girls have to stick to it throughout the course of her life.
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Gender is the key point that helps parents to guide how to raise their children. Family is a primary home where children learn what means to be boy or girl. If a baby girl is born in the family, pink becomes her dressing code as well as if a baby boy is born than he is all dressed up in blue. Parents influence the overall concept of gender socialization among children. They teach them to act according to their gender like masculine and feminine. They provide toys and story books, clothes according to their gender. These all factors influence children behavior and appearance from the very beginning of their childhood. The members of the family are responsible for passing all the attitude and qualities that are supposed to have in boys and girls. Children learn to do gender by seeing the activities and actions of people around

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