Effects Of Social Media On Student 's Grades Essay

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To elaborate further, since technology is clearly affecting memorization, it ultimately results in lower grades and test scores. Without a doubt, with the portable devices students are spending time in class checking Facebook, texting, or mindlessly surfing the Internet. Not only are they not focusing on what is being discussed in class, they are affecting the ability of their memory in the process. In a study particular to frequent Facebook users, the G.P.A.s of users was about an entire point lower. Frequent Facebook users had a G.P.A in the range of 3.0-3.5 yet nonusers had a rage of 3.5-4.0 (Salmon). It is evident that social media sites are negatively affecting student’s grades. Not only are students spending more time focusing on Facebook rather than studying, they are further hindering their grades because they are unknowingly affecting their memory and critical thinking skills as displayed through the study scanning Internet user’s brains. Social media and Internet addicts are harming their grades and brain’s ability with every search used to replace traditional learning. A study by the London School of Economics discovered that schools that had banned the use of cellphones saw a 6.4% improvement of scores on England’s national exam, the GCSE, taken at age 16 (Kottasova). The temptation to play games, text, or scroll through social media instead of studying does have a true negative impact on test scores as proven by this study. Along with the temptation to use…

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