Minimizing Bullying Activity Essay

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Minimizing Bullying Activity
National statistics state that “70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools”(Facts About Bullying. Bullying is commonly misconcepted as a conflict but bullying is identified as an aggressive behavior which results as an imbalance in power. This imbalance in power can come in various forms such as financially, physically or emotionally. It is not possible to completely eliminate bullying but there are various precautions that can be enforced in order to minimize bullying among school age kids. Bullying incidents can significantly be reduced by controlling cyberbullying, increasing communication, and improving the school climate.
Bullying is a concern that comes with a variety of negative impacts.
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Cyberbullying is a developing habit of many, but it can be maintained by informing parents that it is important to establish rules about their child 's behaviors through social media and messaging. Parents should inform their children about sites that are restricted. It is also important for kids understand that once they post something anyone can view it, share it, or screenshot it if they are connected to them through any form of connection. Also, acknowledge that anything they post should not harm nor humiliate themselves or others. Lastly, parents should get their child to ask themselves if what they want to post is appropriate for their audience to see. It is critical for children to be educated on appropriate behavior on social …show more content…
“Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied. The adult can give comfort, support, and advice, even if they can’t solve the problem directly. Encourage the child to report bullying if it happens.” (How to talk about bullying). In contrast of statistic, 70.6% of students have experienced bullying while only 20% of high school age teens reported an experience of bullying. This represents a critical mistake that needs to be correct to receive student conformity. The lack of incident reports acknowledges that encouraging students to get involved in anyway is more beneficial rather than being a reticent witness. When peers attempt to diffuse the situation 57% of the time the altercation was resolved in under ten

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