Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress And Anxiety

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Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress and Anxiety
Cyberbullying creates depression and develops negative effects, which is now common and expanding. There isn’t much of a difference between bullying and cyberbullying. Cyberbullying happens daily in the everyday use of technology and social media, and teens are the most affected from this. Cyberbullying is becoming a major issue undetected, and creates dangerous stress and anxiety. There are many reasons why people are cyberbullying and are becoming victims, which could be prevented.
Cyberbullying and Traditional Bullying have similar terms, but have many differences which could be devastating. Bullying has been around for many generations, but in our most recent generation technology has been easier to utilize and expand the extent of harm.
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Victims of cyberbullying may not know who the bully is, or why they are being targeted. The cyberbully can by anonymous and conceal his or her identity behind a computer or phone using fake account and usernames. It will be difficult to report or avoid the cyberbully, because they can generate multiple accounts. The cyberbully feels as if they won’t get caught because of the small chance of detection and identification. The offender doesn’t have to worry about their own physical appearance or strength, also they either don’t have to be troubled of being reported. They can choose many other victims without worrying about their consequences. It’s easier to be hateful using typed words rather than spoken words in person. The cyberbully or offender can’t be tracked or revealed because that will abuse laws and rights of the user. While parents and teachers supervise minorities at school and at home, many adults don't have the technological experience or time to keep track of what teens are up to online. This means a victim's experiences can be unnoticed and the bully's threat can be

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