Effects Of Social Media On Society Essay

1095 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 null Page
Technology is one of the most influence discovery in the world. It makes people to do anything easier, especially in communication. You can contact your relatives and friends anywhere and everywhere. With your gadget, you can send pictures and video, text messages, and even make a video phone call no matter how far you are. This is becoming a habit among society to use their gadget to make a communication through social media. However, there are positive and negative sides from this invention. All this time, I know people starts to use social media because everybody does that. I would like to know deeper what the effect of social media is for most people. Does it make us closer to our relatives and friends? Or does it turn out to be a bad habit? I started to find articles on the internet and I found a couple of interesting data from the experts for this problem. I hope this research essay will make me understand about the effects of social media to relationship between people and give knowledge to the readers.

I found three articles that I think useful enough to achieve my purpose. The first article is National Deseret News and it’s written by Chandra Johnson on Friday, 29 August 2014. The second article is from Psychology Today. It’s written by Alex Lickerman M. D. on 8 June, 2010. The last, I take an article from CBS News. The post was published by Pauline Dakin on 24 February 2014.

From the first article, it discussed about how technology is changing the way people…

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