Effects Of Smoking On The Health Of The Heart And Lungs Essay

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We Cannot turn around without seeing a smoker. Smoking is a process where the burning of tobacco material, and the body is absorption of the drugs found in the smoke called nicotine relaxes the person. The cigarette has different types of chemicals that cause greater harm to the body. Smoking started thousands of years ago. “Cigars are a growing public health concern, given the changes in cigar use patterns in the US and elsewhere since the 1960s” (Chang, Cindy 1). The most prominent health harms are; impact on the health of the heart and lungs, contributing to lung cancer, It also affects the health of the mouth and teeth, and It increases the proportion of the high incidence of breast cancer. “Smoking is a major cause of premature mortality and morbidity and is a global public health Issue” (Tchicaya, Anastase, and Stefaan 2/15 ). Now has came a new cigarette and it call electronic cigarette it is like the conventional cigarettes and the first appearance of the idea of replacing the tobacco was in 1963. Smoking is one of the most ways that lead to waste of money; since it is consumed by humans and it kills and does not lead to any benefits at all. There are a lot of States that spend millions of dollars to import cigarettes and spend twice the millions for the treatment of people with different diseases due to them. For example, an expenditure of the United States rate of almost sixty billion dollars a year on smoking.
The results of smoking causes serious endless…

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