The Negative Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

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Cigarettes, tobacco, smoking these things bring up thoughts of bad habits, horrible cigarette smell, cancer, and secondhand smoke. Recently there has been an influx of the use of non-tobacco smoking replacement devices also known as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Many individuals have switched to these devices as a way to quit smoking. Many of these people have found that the way people and business treat non tobacco smokers is the same as traditional smokers. These individuals made the choice to give up tobacco cigarettes for better health, but these ‘smokers’ have been exiled to designated smoking areas and to the outdoors stuck with the toxic cigarette smoke that was given up. Cigarettes contain high levels of dangerous carcinogens and lead to breathing problems and …show more content…
Forcing those who use electronic cigarettes to use the same area as smokers is causing additional harm and putting that person in a situation in which the smoker chose to leave behind for better personal wellbeing. As shown above in various research it is clear to see that placing these “users” with traditional smokers is cruel and unusual punishment. These people chose to leave the world of smoking behind, so why force these people to continue to live that lifestyle? If the research shows that electronic cigarettes have no known negative effects other then a physical addiction to nicotine, than electronic cigarettes should be allowed in public places as it is not causing physical harm to anyone one around the user. Some might go as far as to say that those who switch to electronic cigarettes deserve to be placed with traditional smokers because the smoker have already done irreparable damage, and should be permanently classified as a smoker this is wrong. People are making these changes for their personal betterment therefore the user should never be classified and or be placed with traditional

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