Effects Of Smartphones On Society

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Cause and Effects of Smartphones to Social Life and Society

What is a smartphone? A smartphone is a mobile device with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with features useful for handheld use. As it have many features and benefits that make our life easier, it sales rose prominently on the past few years. It does not only benefit society, but makes businesses and large corporate to operate more efficiently and cost saving since the existence of smartphones. Although, in my opinion, it have brought about many negative impacts than the positive ones.

First, the positive effects of smartphones on society is smartphones have brought a better way to communicate with people.
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Nowadays, there are thousands of applications being developed by programmers just for smartphones. There are applications that let us monitor our personal development. We can know how much we have developed in time for a few months as long as we record it in our smartphones. It also helps us by achieving our goals on exercising and improving our lifestyle to be healthy and so on. For business development, there also applications for businesses and employers. We can monitor the money flow and calculate the profits and monthly report of our business just from using our smartphones. These information are all stored in a database and we can access that from our smartphone. It is also useful for learning and career growth. There are many applications for learning such as applications for learning foreign language and to learn the flow of stock markets. These are all useful for working …show more content…
The teenagers nowadays often update their status and location online, thus revealing their location to the criminal. This result in many cases of sexual harassment, rape, and also robbery cases. We must limit ourselves of what information we can reveal to the public. There can be also identity theft cases because we lose our smartphones, and certain smartphones does not have tight security and can be hacked easily by professional cyber criminals. We may lose all of our information in our smartphones such as bank details, credit card authorization and so on. Authenticity of information in our smartphone also cannot be trusted. We cannot trust the people we met on the social media as there are many criminals using the internet and smartphones as their medium of criminal activity.

In conclusion, there are many good and bad effects of smartphones. It is up to the users to harness its usefulness for their own benefits. Also, we must limit our use of smartphone to not let the smartphones become an addiction in our life. We must also not our children get smartphones at an early age as it is bad for the children’s brain and social development. They are also revealed on many bad things that are on the internet nowadays. Family, friends and society must take action on deterring the bad effects of

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