Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Children Essay

1333 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
Many students struggle just to keep a c in some classes, while others just don 't show up for those classes. This generates problems for the students not just now but in their future as well. Many of these students don 't make these decisions by choice; they can 't help it because they are tired due to sleep deprivation. Forces other than tiredness may be at work too, but tiredness has the biggest impact. These problems have some simple but hard to put in place solutions. If we target the causes of these problems rather than the effects then dealing with them becomes potentially easier.

These problems affect not only the present of the student but also their future, therefore something must be done to fix them. Many students find it difficult to continue to apply themselves in all their classes as they increase in work hours and decrease in hours of sleep. In future situations this could become a major issue for them. If a prospective employer sees that someone didn 't do so well in a class, or that they hardly showed up for it then it would seem like the student didn 't apply themselves. Their bad grades and low attendance could result in loss of job opportunities. The effects not only show up in their career but also in their health, sleep deprivation creates a greater risk for many health problems. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics sleep deprivation increases the likelihood of “anxiety and mood disorders … use of stimulants (eg, caffeine, prescription…

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