Essay On Sectionalism

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The Effect of Sectionalism on the United States Sectionalism has been present in American culture since its colonization by Great Britain after 1607. Early sectionalism began between the first settlers and the Native Americans and this divide continues today. Later, divides between groups of settlers as well as political and moral differences created even more sectionalism. These divides lead to industrial and intellectual developments that help to advance society. The most common example of sectional divides shaping US history is the Civil War, which was brought about by extreme differences in opinion on not just economical levels, but social and political levels as well. All of the results of sectionalism which affected social, political, and economic development, contributed to the changes in culture and history of the United States of America from 1607 to 1861 and developed the America we know now. The Colonial time period began when European countries began to take over chunks of land from North America. Citizens were sent over on ships to attempt to create societies on the new land. The British settlers, mostly puritan, established thirteen colonies …show more content…
The Panic of 1837 and a new two-party system separated the North and South in many different ways. The biggest issue facing the United States was slavery. Although it had existed in the USA since its founding, some people were starting to feel that it was not morally right to treat people as property. To prevent a civil war from breaking out, the government enacted the Great Silence. The Great Silence was a time period where Slavery was not discussed at all. Throughout the silence, slavery began to spread to the new western territories joining the USA. As soon as the silence was put to rest, the issue exploded and created a huge problem for the United States

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