Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Cigarettes, the most common form used for smoking, carries thousands of substances, many which will bring devastating side effects. When one smokes, he or she is breaking down their body into pieces by just the practice of inhaling. The problem of smoking in the society is that it does not simply affect just him or her. This can lead to second hand smoking and onto third hand smoking as well. Although opinions are divided, second hand smoking is just as severe as first hand smoking, as the rate of particle pollution in the air increases up to 900 times more after the first three minutes one has been exposed to the smoke. Smoking can also be destructive to the public as it can happen almost everywhere. Whenever one has a packet of cigarettes …show more content…
When the cost of the cigarettes rise nearly 10~20% a year, a high percentage of people, both adults and minors decrease the amount of smoking. Although different for each brand, Australia has been considered the country with the most expensive cigarettes. The fact that a pack is over 15 dollars discourages many against smoking, and most find a way to quit due to the high price. With the income from the raised costs of cigarettes, education and promotion are put into effect. Educating both the younger and older generation helps prevent new smokers from appearing by teaching the downside of cigarettes and the danger it holds to one’s health. Promotions can come in various methods, such as having warning signs and ingredients labeled properly on the cigarette pack. Mass media is a common method used, where dramatic advertisements are shown to depict the side effects of smoking. This could easily be done by simply sending out pictures of damaged lungs, the state of one’s oral systems, and more. To some, this might seem as one is threatening him or her to quit smoking. However, the facts are real; smoking is hazardous the body and could easily result in death in some form or another. A slightly more humorous method of mass media is in films. Nowadays, it is common to see the cigarette blurred from the hands and mouths of the

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