Effects Of Schizophrenia On Health Related Quality Of Life Essay

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Studies of schizophrenia have recently established that some factors could be due to a variety of risk factors, including prenatal infection, stress, nutrition, and other complications. These immune insults mentioned could cause neurodevelopmental changes and the implications of these pathways are being widely implicated in the risk and progression of schizophrenia. Recent studies have established that schizophrenia is closely associated with microglia activation, as evidenced by increased density of microglia (Leake. 1992). Events associated with schizophrenia and treatment of schizophrenia can bring about a significant detriment in patient quality of life. Results indicate that patients with stable schizophrenia are less willing to trade years of life to avoid schizophrenia-related symptoms compared to others. Schizophrenia is a severe form of mental illness affecting approximately 24 million people worldwide (Mental Health, 2001). It is important to quantify not only the impact of the disease on health-related quality of life, but also the impact of treatment-related adverse events. Impact of schizophrenia on quality of life have focused on the different stages of the disease symptoms such as akathesia, agitation, and tardive dyskinesia. However, with the introduction of an increasing number of atypical antipsychotics differences between treatments related to events, such as hyperprolactinemia and weight gain, are also important. One naturalistic…

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