Effects Of Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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The rise of genetically modified organisms has become a global entity that is becoming a very controversial issue. With the increase in applications and use of genetically modified organisms many countries have began to choose sides on whether to allow the practice of genetically modified organisms to spread within their borders or to impede its development. Brazil in particular has recently undergone new legislation regarding the matter and faces opposition and approval from within the very country itself. We will examine the impact genetically modified organisms has on brazil through different opinions and concerns of the people and organizations within the country, its uses and applications to mechanical engineering, and the positive or negative change it could bring to the brazil.

Brazil is the second largest producer of genetically modified organisms in the world, they have approximately 92 million acres of genetically modified crops, that is more then half of the countries agriculture of 167 million acres (The Epoch Times). The country has a history of using genetically modified organisms, beginning in 1990’s farmers began began cultivation and by 1995 is was being regulated by the government and being sold. We then saw a drastic change in 1998 when genetically modified organisms was banned due to a lawsuit by the Brazilian institute for consumer defense (The Epoch Times). This push and pull relation between genetically modified organisms is seen throughout the years…

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