Effects Of Obesity On The College Student Body Essay

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Grabbing a snack on your way to a four hour lecture can seem like a great idea to help you get through your day. Even though that snack might seem harmless and even delicious, can turn out to be a bad choice. It can affect your whole learning process for that lecture, from reducing your attention span, to simply focusing on your stomach ache and not the lecture. There is a huge problem within the collegial student community and their dietary habits. Little known to most students, how you eat directly affects your scholarly performance and physical health on top of that. By collecting evidence through various methods, the problem of malnutrition in the college student body can be clearly seen, and poses a real threat to both physiological and psychological factors in students.
Making poor choices when it comes to food is not only costly but also dangerous to your physical health. Everything from weight gain to full blown diabetes can be contributed to malnutrition. Dietary habits have always been directly linked to physical health, but when research was developed further along scientists found another link that leads to mental health performance. In his article Dauncey explains the effects of nutrition on cognitive and mental health, by explaining how incorrect chemical balance in a person’s diet affects their mental performance. This chemical imbalance is caused by not getting the proper nutrients through food consumption. When compared to the Meiers Eating Habits of…

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