Effects Of Misunderstood Muslims

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Misunderstood Muslims
“American Muslim claims she suffered “inhuman treatment” after being detained for 13 hours by border officials at Heathrow. Ayan Mohamud, 18, who was on her first trip abroad to visit family in Leicester, alleged she was being “judged” because of her faith after the Paris attacks” (standard.co.uk). Muslims around the world are being misinterpreted and seen differently because of life-changing events such as attacks and from the people who cause these attacks. A factor such as location of where a Muslim is also contributes to the treatment they receive from others. In result of catastrophic events caused by terrorism, people, specifically Americans, have developed a mind-set towards Muslims as a whole rather than looking
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Terrorism has resulted in the misconstrued views towards Muslims. “The fact that 71 perfect of American voters in the 2014 midterms were worried about a terrorist attack in the U.S. homeland is an indication that violent groups like al Qaeda, the Islamic State and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are still hovering in the minds of many Americans” (nationalinterest.org). The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, is the type of organization that forces the world 's most powerful and professional military into action halfway around the globe. ISIS is “estimated by the Central Intelligence Agency to have a size of 31,000 fighters” (nationalinterest.org). Along with those fighters, ISIS has been most brutal when it comes fighting against others, such as executing anyone who shows a pinch of resistance; “At least four cases of mass killings by ISIL terrorists have been documented, including the execution of 250 Syrian troops in August” (nationalinterest.org). Al Qaeda, “Osama …show more content…
The attack of September 11th, 2001 was the turning point for the United States because that was the day a realization of threats against the country was brought to the minds of basically every person around the world, even if not in the United States. “I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Obama said on Sept.10. “It will not involve American combat troop fighting on foreign soil” (Graf, 2). The 9/11 attack continues to be a part of our lives and every year we recognize the “nearly 3,000 office workers and first responders [were] killed when the buildings collapsed” (Graf, 2). The recent Paris attacks, caused by ISIS, have helped in setting the definite title of terrorist across the foreheads of all Muslims. Nearly 400 people were killed and many more were wounded. “It was another turning point in ISIS’s history of mayhem and misery” (time.com). Prior to the Paris attacks was the movement of catching the Iraqi city of Fallujah on fire. Another recent attack was the California Shooting reported to be an act of terrorism inspired by once again, ISIS. Tashfeen Malik, the wife a part of the killing couple, may have pledged her allegiance to ISIS over Facebook using an alias hours before the massacre. The FBI has no evidence suggesting that Malik or her husband Syed Farook were

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