Effects Of Media Violence On Youth

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Register to read the introduction… Cognition is the way one person thinks, or the mental processes in which one thinks. When someone’s cognition is affected, it changes the way they think, and when someone’s way of thinking changes, they may do something that they normally wouldn’t do. When someone’s aggressive cognition increases, they think more aggressively than they typically would, maybe committing an act of violence. Research has strongly publicized the fact that media violence does truly increase aggressive cognition. For example, in a study of more than 12,000 participants of multiple ages, cultures, and from multiple countries, it generated strong enough evidence to prove that playing violent video games was significantly related to both short-term and long-term increases in levels of aggressive cognition (Anderson et. al 163). In the long-term, children who are exposed to media violence may lead to the attainment of social cognitions that may intensify the risk of violent and aggressive behavior beyond childhood (Huesmann and Taylor 407). However, when it comes to video games, it may not have to be a violent video game to increase aggressive cognition. Too challenging or too fast paced of a video game for the player are likely to increase anger and frustration, which in turn might activate aggressive thoughts, or aggressive cognition (Anderson et. al …show more content…
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