Effects Of Marijuana On The Sixties Essay

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Yesterday and Today: My Two Cents

The use of marijuana in the seventies was more recreational and used in a casual way. The potency was not real high like today’s marijuan. People who smoked pot regularly did not think much of the consequences or the cost. Marijuana was fairly cheap in the seventies and people hardly got caught with it. The potency of marijuana was about 3% to 6 %. Since the early eighties, marijuana is ten times more potent than the sixties. More potency means, higher grade making it skyrocket in price. Casual drug use and addiction have created a line between recreational use and hardcore use. Some people start using drugs just on the weekends and holidays, then it turns into an every other day thing. The next thing you know, you are wasting your whole check on the product. I have seen this happen to many good people. Drugs have no prejudice. They do not care if you are rich or poor, educated or not educated. They could give a crap if you are the CEO of a company or just a normal everyday blue collar worker. The drugs have no fault of anything. It is the people that use them that make them bad. Most society’s views on people who do drugs are negative. In today’s society, people who use drugs are seen as hoodlums, thugs, no good, and criminal. This is because the people who get caught with drugs are usually heavy users caught during a crime to get the drug or traffickers who transport drugs for profit. This is why the picture is…

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