Immigration Blessing Or Burden Research Paper

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Priyank Vora
Ms. Leuschke
English IV-H
03 February 2015
Immigrates and Immigration- Blessing or Burden?
Every year, thousands of immigrants, illegal or legal, from all parts of the world, come to the United States. They come for a better lifestyle or jobs. However, others are refugees, escaping persecution and civil wars in their home country. Therefore, many people believe the United States is known for equality, freedom and benefits, which is why they come. However, it’s not always the case. United States government hasn’t taken any big responsibility on solving on this immigration policy.
After the attack on Twin towers on September 11th 2001, many people in the United States have had a fear of allowing immigrants into the U.S. There was strict control over U.S. borders and tight security on international airports. Furthermore, immigration is been a threat to the U.S. This is not the case because not everything that occurs is due to the immigrants. Even if U.S. government takes action on stopping illegal immigration at this moment, it would affect the U.S. more. These immigrates helps boost the U.S. economy, if immigration was eliminated the country would have
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Last year Barack Obama said in his speech that he will put an end to the immigration policies by 2015. It is really hard for immigrates to live in the United States even though it mostly has all the benefits in the world. Usually immigrants work at 2-3 jobs, toughest low paying jobs. They only have one reason to live in U.S. which is to make a better life for their children and loved ones. When illegal immigrants arrive to U.S. their half of the family usually gets send back. Families who don’t have the right files can’t apply for scholarships even if they have decent grades. They also can’t travel because they are fearful of being deported back to their home country. Average immigrant does hard working jobs, pays taxes, and pays tuition for his or her children’s University. This is totally

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