Effects Of Healthy Environment In Schools

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Healthy Environments in High Schools
High school is an important time for students to grow as individuals. There are many opportunities available for students to be involved in their high school and their community. For example, students can volunteer at school functions, at local community functions, and at their church. Students can also participate in athletics and student organizations. School originations promote positive and good behavior that help lead to a positive high school experience. There are also many ways that can lead to a negative high school experience, such as bullying, drama, and the use of illegal drugs. The use of illegal drugs during this time can have damaging effects for the rest of students’ lives. Not only are drugs
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This law states that all students who participate in competitive extracurricular activities can be forced to comply with random drug testing. Schools are also allowed to conduct drug tests on students if suspicion arises that they have been using drugs. There are many different ways of testing for the use of illegal drugs, and they include the testing of urine, hair, oral fluids, and sweat samples. The testing methods usually test for a “panel” of about five to ten different drugs. Usually a drug panel tests for marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and PC. Schools are not limited to testing for these drugs, because they can also test for MDMA, GHB, or steroids (“Frequently Asked Questions” 14). These random drug tests are very useful to high schools, because the test can be created for the exact needs of the school in order to significantly decrease the amount of students using illegal …show more content…
Drugs do not support this cause, because they are very harmful to adolescent bodies. Even a one-time use of drugs can have harmful effects; they can result in accidents, a poor performance in school or sport activities, and the risk of overdosing. Students who are repeated drug time users can injure their body and health in even more harmful ways than one-time offenders. Some effects of drugs on their life are unhealthy bodies, poor academic outcomes, mood changes, and social problems. Using drugs on multiple occasions can also lead to the disease of addiction. Studies have found the earlier a teen begins abusing drugs increases their chance of developing an addiction. On the other hand, when students avoid using drugs, they decrease their chance of developing a substance use disorder (“Frequently Asked Questions” 10). High schools have the responsibility to provide the best environments for students and help them during a time filled with bad influences and peer pressure, and one way high schools can help students is through random drug

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