Effects Of Globalization On Education

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Throughout the last few decades, globalization has brought many modifications to human lives. Almost everybody thinks that globalization was about the economic benefit first and later then had also affected many others categories such as education, technology, and environment. However, it is obvious that education, a crucial business for all societies, is affected first. As the cornerstone and crucial motivator of socioeconomics and human development, education is the essence of the change that is impacting the world in some fields, for instance, technology, climatology, economics, and culture. Therefore, I would like to ascertain and discuss the effects of globalization especially on education in developing countries.

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With the development of technology, globalization improves the ability of students to approach and apply knowledge, to think independently to exercise appropriate judgment and to cooperate with others to make sense of new circumstances. “The internet offers a new approach to education called distances learning. Students can access a wide variety of courses over the Internet.” (Louise M Simmers, Karen Simmers-Nartker, Sharon Simmers-Kobelak). Technologies like the internet make sure that one can now study just at his or her home. Additionally, Global education connects teaching methods around the world to enhance the international development, as well as produce a friendly learning environment. According to Srikant Misra, “The emphasis of education in globalized societies is to create a culture that is learning friendly. Most societies must set up cooperative learning environment wherein all resources in the community are made learning-friendly”. These didactic methods approach schools from the primary to the university levels, provide learning experiences that prepare students for multinational leadership roles. So that students can use the global exchange of knowledge, experiences, skills, and intellectual assets to develop countries, communities, and individuals. Another impact of globalization on education is the multicultural awareness of people from the young age, namely reducing racial prejudice and racism. Bellini, Pereda, Cordero and Suarez-Morales demonstrated that the process of reducing biased attitudes begins with increased cultural knowledge and awareness. Ethnic awareness changes as the child develops cognitive abilities and is exposed to new information and experiences (2016). This does not only provides children with the ability to be more familiar with different traditions and cultures

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