Essay On Early School Start Times

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Imagine a teen who was unable to sleep during the night, then woke up early in the morning for school the next day. That teenager has a higher chance of falling asleep in class or even falling asleep at the wheel due to lack of sleep and early school start times. Early school start times have a bigger effect on teenagers then most researches thought. Adolescents are sleep deprived for one main reason: early school start times. Teenagers perform worse in school due to the lack of sleep they receive and early school start times.
Early start times have a bigger effect on teenagers than most researchers first thought. Most schools start at 7:30 am, thus leaving teenagers to awaken around 5:30am to 6:00 am. This is a problem because all adolescents need at least 9 ¼ hours of sleep (Mary Caskadon). In order to achieve that goal, teenagers would have to go to bed around nine pm. This is unreasonable because most after school activities such as sports or clubs do not end until seven pm. Then the adolescents get home around
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Lack of sleep causes adolescents ability to function properly at school desiccate and causes negative changes in mood (Glosser). For example, teens develop aggressive behavior, such as throwing a desk, and become impatient with family members and teachers. Also, many adolescents feel melancholy and are too tired due to lack of sleep and lack of energy. As a result, teens are too tired to engage in a school team or club (Sarah Spinks). The deficiency of sleep also limits the teenagers’ ability to learn, listen, solve problems, and concentrate (National Sleep Foundation). For example, students have a greater chance than adults of forgetting vital information such as what they learned that day or how to their work. Thus, causing students to do poorly on exams. So, if they do not know how to do the homework, then their grades will also start to

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