Effects Of Divorce On Children And Co Parenting Essay

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(Amato and Kane, 2011) state “Nearly half of all marriages in the United States continue to end in divorce or permanent separation.” There have been many causes for divorce since whoever knows how long. There are a million different articles to choose from to get a better understanding of how Divorce has always been some sort of issue, Divorce seems to effect children more than the parents seem to realize. However, divorce can also affect everyone in the in the family it just seems like it adds up to a different problem when it reaches the children in the situation. The situation can effect children in different age groups. Younger children won’t really understand what is going on, they will just accept the fact of having two different houses and two different birthday parties and etc. Compared to someone who’s a little older and has a better understanding and not being able to cope the difference in their life now. In this research paper I will be informing the reader on causes of divorce, age effects on children, and co-parenting relationships.
Why do people get married just to find a way to become divorced? There are so many causes of divorce. Many different things led up to divorce there are certain things such as age, gender and just religion. “On the one hand, divorce is accompanied by some disruptive consequences, including anxiety disorder, depression, children’s aggression and disagreement.” (Habibi 2014) In the article Causes of divorce on the marriage phase from…

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