Argumentative Essay: A Child Should Have Two Parents

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A Child Should have Two Parents
In a traditional family, a child has two parents, a mother and a father. All children need to have both a mother and a father in their life. Children with both parents grow up to be more successful in life. However, people believe children do not need two parents to be successful and are emotionally stable. The decision of a divorce between a couple affects children in many dramatic ways. A divorce between parents may bring negative consequences to their children in their outcomes in education, health and living style (social and behavioral).
Children will lose focus in their education if parents take the action to divorce. Children receive some of their education from their parents. Divorced parents causes
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A mother and a father are responsible for holding children’s life together during their childhood. Children with divorcing parents start to have poor social and behavior skills. Research has shown that children of divorce have more behavior problems than children growing up with both parents. A divorce may cause children to have the wrong living style. Children will soon start to bad attitudes, violent acts and begin drug use or alcohol. Especially during teen years, children start consuming drugs because it makes them feel better. Also, children will begin to be sexually active at an early age. Having married parents will prevent all these things to happen because once parents see bad behaviors, they will start punishments. It is important to have both parents because when strict discipline is needed, the father is there and a mother shows more the emotional support.
On the other hand, not all children live with a healthy family structure. There are children who suffer from domestic violence in their homes. It is important for children to not live with parents who live fighting all the time. In situations like these, divorce is the best option between parents in order for children to have a better life. If parents cannot offer stability at home, a divorce will not be crucial to children. Most of the time children

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