Effects Of Discrimination On American Society Essay

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There are many reasons and variations as to why society discriminates in American society. Three of the reasons discrimination is rampant in America are, gender, race and age. Our textbook defines discrimination as “the unequal treatment of various categories of people” (Macionis, 2015, p. 102). While, according to Oxford dictionaries discrimination is “The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex” ("Oxford Dictionaries," 2016). Discrimination has many faces and levels pertaining to the prevalence of treatment of one another. One avenue that discrimination evolves too into is prejudice. Our textbook Macionis, 2015, p. 98 defines prejudice as “any rigid and unfounded generalization about an entire category of people”. Closely associated to prejudice is stereotyping and racism. According to Macionis, 2015, p. 99 racism is “the most serious example of prejudice is racism, the asser-tion that people of one race are less worthy than or even biolog-ically inferior to others”.
When examining the root cause of what causes discrimination and the avenues of evolution in regards of treatment and viewpoints towards one another in society; Macionis, (2015), states that two key factors are the main cause for this type of behavior. The first factor is personality of the individual. The second key factor is society itself. Macionis, (2015), Stated that according to “Karl Marx traced the roots of social inequality to a…

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