Computer Effects On Children Research Paper

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Computers: The Effects on the Mind and Development
Decades ago a computer in every home was just a thought, now it is a reality. Computers are used more and more each day in schools and homes. According to the United States Census Bureau, 75.6 percent of homes in America are equipped with a computer (see fig. 1). Schools are also using the internet and computers as an aid in classrooms. This means that not only are children using the computer at home, they are also using them more and more in schools too. But, how much exposure is too much? Years ago, children were thriving without the aid of the internet; does the computer actually make children of this new modern, technology driven world smarter? The majority of parents will agree
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Social-emotional, physical, and cognitive are also researched (Mohammad, 2012, pg. 98). Jane Davidson (author of the book Children and Computers Together in the Early Childhood Classroom) stated:
The computer is seen as a material with many potential benefits and many problems. If it is used wisely, with the principles of early childhood development in mind, it can be a valuable addition to a developmental-based classroom (pg. 99).
Surprisingly, there are still disputes about whether it is appropriate to introduce computers to preschool and kindergarten age children. The leading concern for early integration with computers and children is the effect on development. It is theorized that early integration of computers in school encourages isolation amongst preschool to kindergarten age children (pg. 100). According to a study conducted by Mikyung Rhee and Navaz Bhavnagri on a group of four-year-old children, this is not true (pg. 100). The pre-school children had an extensive amount of time where they interacted with their peers (pg. 100). But then again, it is also crucial that computers are placed in areas that are close together so children are allowed to interact with one another. Computers can become highly effective in the curriculum as long as the teacher knows how to integrate the
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Children thrive off of the computer and they are able to gain many skills that become constructive in school for years to come. Parents have stated that they believe that the computer has helped their child academically. However, too much of a good thing is not always good. It is imperative that teachers and parents become proactive in managing their child’s time on the computer. Internet addiction is something that should be a concern if a parent sees a child engaging in excessive amounts of time on the internet. Teenagers, especially, should be given time away from the computer and encouraged to be involved in activities outside of the internet, like socializing with friends and

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