Caffeine Influence On Society

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The Caffeinating of Society
Just like the so-called NFL “heroes” that are committing disgraceful acts, and “social” networking that really creates the opposite effect by taking one out of social interactions, energy drinks are also a trending oxymoron that is prominent in today’s society. Do these drinks really hold up to their promise of providing energy or stimulation? Have these companies fooled our culture into believing that they provide more than what’s really advertised? Today, caffeine is a part of most of American’s everyday life. Tin can coffee has grown into fluffy, fashionable beverages and macho, energy seeking beverages. It is time to think about what these fancy paper cups and shiny neon cans really symbolize. The fascination
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The difference today, is that drinking caffeine has become just as important as taking one’s vitamins. It has become a necessity in the eye of the consumer. This new addiction has swept the nation with coffee store locations on every corner of the road. These shops have replaced the dining room table, the desk at home and even the office. They are hangouts, conference rooms, biker sites and even just the place to be seen. These communal meeting places, serving high caffeinated drinks, are sure to be a part of each day or at least each week. If the social gatherings don’t drawn customers, the addictive nature of these beverages will. These energy drinks are being advertised constantly and caffeinated, every spiced, ice cappuccinos are not really what their chalked up to be. These high calorie, milk driven drinks promise to pump you up and help get the consumer get through the day, in the end, leave a feeling of needing more stimulation. They are marketed not only as a way to start you morning, but consumers are walking around with these popular cups and shiny cans in the afternoon and evening as well. Caffeine intense beverages are being mixed as cocktails for after hour partying. What once started as a morning beverage served over breakfast has expanded into a massive marketing strategy. These brands have successfully convinced that those carrying these drinks are …show more content…
The companies advertising these beverages have successfully convinced consumers to overlook the slowing economy of the day for the temporary high of an energy boost. The status of carrying these drinks and the desire to hang out in these coffee shops has fashioned a new locale for socialization and work. The monetary consideration has been superseded by the desire to be part of a seemingly more fashionable lifestyle. In the end, the marketing and advertising of the caffeinating of society produced a niche that was once a non-entity – something from nothing. Yes, it shows the gullibility of our culture but also allows a little vacation, or holiday from the daily grind, no pun intended. This trend shrinks American’s wallets but that is overlooked by the sale of a seemingly greater lifestyle and that is

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