Effects Of Birth Tourism On Children Essay

1852 Words Oct 25th, 2016 8 Pages
Families are more conscious about the future of their children. Developing countries offer a large amount of opportunities simply based on citizenship, which makes future parents often decide to travel to those countries in order to give their children better prospects and a brighter future. However, such positive connotations are a part of the process that has already become a booming business, especially in the United States. Birth tourism is often associated with the less-appealing connotative phrase “anchor baby”, where parents-to-be travel to the US in order for their child to instantly obtain the American citizenship. Obviously this is a privilege that automatically gives a baby a wide range of benefits, especially in terms of high – quality education, medical coverage, and range of other social care features. Birth tourism is one of the most popular growing business industries worth hundreds of billions of dollars. With that money, however, comes plenty of controversies, and can be judged differently based on positive and negative implications of the process for the families involved, as well as the United States. The background for birth tourism is not discovered thoroughly within academic research. However, the main reasons often involve the poor conditions of living in the developing countries, where parents-to-be work very hard in order to have the United States as the birthplace for their children. The topic is entangled with Chinese tourists, who choose…

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