Effects Of Birth Control On Young Girls Essay

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Brooke is a single mother, but she wasn’t a mother by choice. Brooke works at the local Chick-fila making barely minimum wage. Due to her salary, she couldn 't afford birth control, and ended up pregnant when the condom broke. If birth control were cheaper and more accessible Brooke most likely wouldn’t have found herself in this situation. Brooke isn’t alone in this situation, Out of thousand girls twenty-four point four of them had unexpected teen pregnancies in 2014. Although some may believe birth control that is easy to accesses will promote promiscuity, Birth control should be available in drugstores without a prescription because for some people it is difficult to access and not only does it prevent pregnancy but can also help regulate menstrual cycles, lessen symptoms and prevent diseases.
Some believe that birth control promotes promiscuity especially in young girls, so by providing women with free birth control that is easy to access is giving women and young girls to have sex. During an interview, Fox News’ Martha Maccallum brought up some points of people who are anti-Birth control: “‘Something critics argue could encourage sexual activity.’ Later in the segment, she responded to a comment about teen sex by asking, ‘Isn 't [this decision] encouraging it?’"(GROCH-BEGLEY). In the opinion of Fox News ' Martha MacCallum, some people feel that providing the pill openly to all women will cause an outbreak in underage sex. People believe that by making it accessible is…

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