Essay on Effects Of Alcohol Use On Alcohol Consumption

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In today’s day and age the views and perceptions of drug and alcohol use has changed dramatically: this is the result of the increased education that has developed over the past several decades. There have been evident information on short-term and long-term effects on alcohol consumption. Short term effects of alcohol use include: “slurring of speech, drowsiness, emotional changes, sleep disruption, and lowering of body temperature” (Eric Patterson “The Effects of Alcohol Abuse”). Long term effects are obviously much more harmful and potentially fatal, and they include: “nausea and vomiting, loss of bladder and bowel control, blackouts, in which a drinker does not remember what happened while he or she was drinking, temporary loss of consciousness, depression, liver damage, cancer, depression of the immune system, and death” (Eric Patterson “The Effects of Alcohol Abuse”). Alcoholism had affected the lives of many musicians, celebrities, and common people throughout the United States—even throughout the world. It plays a role in drunk driving (which can lead to deaths’ and potential criminal charges), domestic abuse, and likely death. Unfortunately, many people rely on alcohol as an answer to their problems, however it does more harm than good.
Furthermore, heroin (a form of morphine) is a widely used opioid drug that is attractive due to its ability to increase the feeling of euphoria (a “rush”); along with a state of sedation. It is highly addictive drug that can be…

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