Effects Of Alcohol On Domestic Violence Essay

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Overconsumption of alcohol contributes to an increase in acts of domestic violence, motor vehicle fatalities, and negative medical outcomes. Chartas, and Culbreth (2001) found that 59% of men currently being treated at an inpatient detox center had violently attacked their partner. Consequently, 70% of abused women admitted that their husbands were alcoholics (Chartas and Culbreth 2001). Many over consumers of alcohol drink socially, and choose to meet friends at bars, restaurants, and even sporting events. Without intervention, the individual will choose to drive home. Unbeknownst to the individual, alcohol impairs one’s mental faculties and slows reaction time. This leads to motor vehicle accidents, often fatal. Taylor and Rehm (2012) noted that “at all levels of consumption, the odds of dying in a motor vehicle crash were significantly higher than zero consumption.” Also, Roudsari, Ramisetty-Mikler, and Rodriguez (2009) noted that “in 2006, 38,588 fatal collisions led to 42,642 fatalities, of which 41% occurred while at least one of the drivers or non-motorist involved had a BAC above the legal limit.” Continued consumption also leads to dependency and negative health outcomes. Research conducted by Fein and Cardenas (2015) found that continued overconsumption of alcohol led to a change in neural pathways in the brain thereby leading to an increase in risky behaviors and deficient choices.

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